It’s a concept that connects fans to past and current live streams of Australian basketball games – making it easier to navigate and follow your favourite leagues, teams and players.

If it is live streamed and they allow sharing of their videos, you can bet you’ll find it here.

As stated above, our purpose is to connect Australian basketball fans with content streamed around the Internet for free.  It’s also organising the content into easy to find search results and connecting fans around Australia.

We have the most committed people working behind the scenes to add videos and tweak content on the website. They look for current and past video streams of Australian basketball games, both locally and internationally. The team is painstakingly adding images, assigning tags, players, teams and categories - by no means an easy job but it is very rewarding!

Basically, it’s to enable personalisation and improvements.

We have created features that allow users to create lists, add comments, and more. It also allows us to collect important information about how many people use our service and where from.

Please note: we do not require names, addresses or any identifiable information other than an email address for free membership

We don’t charge anything – financial contribution is just an option for supportive users who want to help us achieve our main goal (see below)

Our main goal is to raise funds to improve access to technology and services for clubs and leagues, with an aim to allowing them to live stream games online.

We will try to achieve this through a number of methods, including a patron service (where the viewing audience contributes a small amount periodically to support site development and the creation of new content), advertising and sponsored content.

We will be transparent about the funds raised by this website and display periodical figures of what money is raised. We also want to make it clear which clubs benefit from the funding.

You may not want to contribute straight away (or at all) and that’s fine – we understand trust is important. Please give us time and let us earn your trust through the work we put into HoopsOn.TV

Absolutely! Any contributor is welcome at any level.

If you are a league, club, YouTuber, player, promoter, or just a historical Australian basketball nut, you are welcome to join our team.

Together we can make online Australian basketball video content more accessible to clubs and fans.